Late last December on a very very chilly evening I took my bike up to the beautiful Clifton Suspension Bridge here in Bristol and shot some photographs of my bike because Mr Chris Haddon, writer & editor of the 'My Cool Bike' book asked if could shoot some photo’s. Of course I said ‘yes’ straight away, and previous to this I’d taken my camera out and shot some photo’s of our weekly Chip Shop Ride. I tried to take some of my bike that same evening but they came out not so great, so I headed back a week later to do a retake.

Luckily it was super foggy and moody looking, so the reshoot was so worth it, as these are the pics I got, and I couldn’t be happier!

Well the book came out this month, so that’s why I’m showing off the snaps! Why not go and grab a copy of ‘My Cool Bike' from Amazon, it's packed full of nice photos (sorry, I’m not just blowing my own trumpet there! Toot!) and great stories about all sorts of bikes and all sorts of people, well done to Chris for putting it all together!

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